Strawberry Almond Oats

Apr 3, 2020 | Breakfast

Your oats upgraded! 

Plain oats are amazing – nutritious, heart healthy and fit into just about every lifestyle. However, by simply adding some fruit and a tablespoon of healthy fats (slivered almonds), I increased the satiety factor leaving you fuller, longer!      

Keeping hunger at bay by adding smart nutrition has major benefits when trying to manage your weight and health. 

  • Plain oats: 150 calories; 25g carbs, 3g fat; 5g protein, 4g fiber 

  • Upgraded: 235 calories; 37g carbs, 7g fat; 7g protein, 6g fiber

Be mindful about what you’re adding to your oats; limit added sugars and sweets. Instead, add sweetness with natural fruit and cinnamon. Healthy fats in the form of nuts, nut butters and seeds are a great way to add satiety.


A filling breakfast is a great start to your day which will help limit cravings throughout the day!

Strawberry-Almond Oats 

Prep: 5 minutes 

Makes: 1 Serving 



·      ½ cup quick rolled oats 

·      1 cup water 

·      4 strawberries, sliced 

·      1 tablespoon slivered Almonds, toasted*  

·      Dash ground cinnamon 



1.     Cook oats according to package directions. 

2.     Add strawberries, toasted almonds and cinnamon. Serve warm! 


*Toast almonds over low heat in a pan, watch carefully as they will burn very quickly. Total time about 2 minutes. 

Nutrition information:

235 Calories; 37g Carbohydrate, 7g Total Fat; 7g Protein, 70mg Sodium; 6g Fiber 





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